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From the hands and hearts of female workers, weaving threads from North to South.


Luan Taylor

Luan Taylor (formerly Blake) is an Artistic Director, creating performance, theatre, dance and events with an emphasis on community participation and personal involvement.

She is passionate about creating artistic work that engages with people’s life experiences and the communities they form. She creates high quality work through meaningful engagement with communities that have often never had any engagement with the arts.

Over the years, she has have developed an innovative style of transforming people’s memories and life experiences into celebratory live performance and installations. She is driven by finding new and dynamic ways of using personal testimonies within performance, and telling unheard stories to new audiences.

Her work often includes a visual and aural installation attached to the performance, which documents the process of the project.


Luan was the Artistic Director and Co - founder of Ragroof Theatre from 2001-2012, leading the company to deliver many successful touring, heritage and large scale participatory theatre projects across the UK and Internationally.

Ragroof became recognised nationally as a leading reminiscence and research-based company by key industry figures including Angus Mackechnie (National Theatre), Robin Morley (Magnetic Events) and Without Walls Street Arts Consortium.



Luan is also a freelance project manager/volunteer co-ordinator for Arts events and heritage projects, including HOUSE Festival Brighton, and Enchanted Places.

She is an associate artist with Strike a Light, a heritage and arts company based in Brighton.


Luan has taught drama and performance for over 15 years, and is currently teaching at Windmill Young Actors
and StageCoach Brighton.

Luan is a performer working in diverse practises, including dance, theatre, live art and film.

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