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Collaborating artists

Mimi McGarry is an ongoing artistic collaborator for Machine Women. She is a visual artist, performer and researcher in Dance Theory, based at Freie Universität Berlin. She has focused her working practice on choreographic skills, collaborating with practitioners including Jonathan Burrows and Anna Huber to devise and create promenading choreography, and creating maps as an interactive visual guide. She is currently lead archivist for Anna Huber documenting her Dance Practice for the Swiss Dance Archive. In Machine Women she sees a chance to explore the original effects of industrialisation upon female workers, on their movements and subsequently on their bodies.


Jodie Rowe worked on Machine Women from January to March 2015, as a sound designer, performer and artistic collaborator. Jodie is currently undertaking an MA at The University of Brighton. Her research surrounds the politics of art that uses/collaborates with 'working class' cultures, and the problematic nature art has within a capitalist society.

Please click on links to her work : 

International Women's day




Dan McGarry  has worked on films and videos in various formats including; music videos, short films, events, promotions, interviews, documentaries and television productions. With a background as a visual artist he keen to experiment with innovative techniques.  

Dan McGarry on Vimeo


Tara Gould has worked on Machine Women as a writer and writing advisor. She has previously collaborated with Luan  on 12 Ft Under- A Town in the Sea, and for Gloves On. Tara Gould has had stories published in anthologies and two plays broadcast on BBC Radio 4. She works as an editor and copywriter and is currently writing her first novel.


Lisa Wolfe is a freelance theatre producer/project manager. She has lived and worked in Brighton for over thirty years. Lisa writes for Total Theatre, is an assessor for Arts Council England, does the marketing for arts charity Carousel and is administrative producer for Tim Crouch.

Lisa is working on Machine Women as a creative Producer.

Lucy Bradridge, SpyMonkey

Nick Hudson worked on the sound composition for Machine Women in January to December 2015. He is a composer for film, theatre and live performance. He has worked on many performances but notably is the founder of Academy of the sun.


Nick Hudson Academy of Sun

Janine Fletcher - Came into Machine Women in 2016 to explore some clogging vocabulary/ideas with the team and as a movement deviser for a days research.

Deb Pugh from Theatre Ad Infinitum is a physical theatre performer touring Internationally.




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