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Luan Taylor has varied and extensive experience leading Theatre and Dance workshops, working with a broad cross-section of the general community as well as with fellow professionals.
She has worked with students in both primary and secondary education, as well as at BTEC level and within Universities.


She specialises in teaching Reminiscense Theatre, and site responsive performance,
referencing her career over the last 15 years.


Luan is a drama practitioner for Stagecoach Brighton, Windmill Young Actors, and ACT Brighton.


Red Gray, Principal at Stagecoach Brighton says:

"Luan has been Drama teacher at Stagecoach since 2013, teaching a wide range of ages from 6-16 yrs. She is a dedicated teacher, a meticulous planner and a creative and inspiring facilitator. She shows respect and discernment for the needs of her students,
she is by nature a very kind person.

Luan’s style of teaching is evidently one of positivity and building confidence in her students who readily accept guidance from her as an experienced and sensitive actor and performer.

She maintains discipline effectively and successfully achieving the goals set for teaching and learning whilst maintaining a sense of fun and always an environment of safety and positivity in which young performers can flourish.

As an experienced and successful director and a passionate theatre maker Luan gives so much more than actor training: She is skilled in devising, directing, producing, vision for stage design and composition, working as part of a creative team to execute performance. She is a wonderful team player, generous and democratic, supportive and enthusiastic."


Reminiscense workshops

Reminiscence has been a core tool in Luan's artistic and heritage projects.
Reminiscence sessions have ranged from informal chats over a cup of tea and cake, to larger group gatherings which Luan has devised and lead.

Reminiscence sessions can be arranged as a project within a larger work, or as a one-off, standalone event. Luan has worked with groups of elderly people in various different care settings, residential homes, day centres and at people’s own homes. Luan has also devised and delivered intergenerational workshops in schools and communities.


For more information or to book a workshop with Luan, please contact her via the contact form.

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